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Shawn Savage, Owner Savage Painting

Have a painting question or problem? Here's your oppurtunity to "Ask the Painter". Ask Shawn a question and he'll provide professional advice.


Big or Small We Paint it All!

Savage Painting & Drywall provides you with a wealth of experience and skill for your house painting desires. You'll feel comfortable knowing that you are working with a qualified, professional painting company throughout the entire process.

At Savage Painting you can DEPEND on us! Our crew consists of one house painter for those smaller jobs to 7 painters for our larger tasks.

We understand the importance of decorating and beautifying your home. We provide high quality, reliable, and productive painting services that go far beyond your expectations. We guarantee minimal disturbance and interruption while working at your home or office. We have the ability to complete large projects in time frames deemed impractical to our competitors.

Lake Norman PaintersWe offer quality work at a competitive price!

A proper long lasting paint job requires a lot of prep work. Preparing to paint is the most important part of any job. We know the value of "correct preparation." The best materials perform poorly if not prepared correctly, Prepwork.





What every client will receive from our painters:

  • Pressure wash entire home to clean the siding (brick) of chalk, mildew, dirt and pollution using a biodegradable cleaner that's safe for plants, children and pets.
  • Remove all shutters and clean behind them.
  • Hand scrape and clean all loose paint from wood surfaces and prime all exposed wood.
  • Caulk all doors, windows, and open gaps on surfaces to be painted.
  • Mask off all fixtures, doors, windows, foundations, use drop cloths, cover all plants, grass, etc.
  • Apply paint as agreed with client.

Painting Advice

Never invite an uninsured "painter in a truck" onto your property, his injuries will quickly become your responsibility.

No homeowner should ever travel beyond the third step of a ladder ESPECIALLY carrying a can of paint and a brush!

Customers are often surprised at how affordable our estimates are.

Many homeowners ask the right questions but they don't insist on a solid answer. Insist on specifics.

Savage Painting and Drywall Mooresville's Premire Interior and Exterior Painter
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